Surprises and Sunburns

I had the amazing opportunity to go home this past weekend! I was a little stressed about the actual getting home part because I had to take NJ transit to Newark Airport, but I put on my big girl pants and I did it! When I finally got into South Bend at 1 AM I was exhausted and concerned because no one was answering my texts or phone calls. As I walked though the airport and into baggage claim I realized that I did not see my mom in her regular spot where she usually eagerly awaited my arrival home. HOWEVER, as I looked to my right I saw Foster! 

Foster had left Ames that afternoon and come straight to the airport to get me! The entire car ride home I kept poking him and squealing because I thought that I still had 1 more month before I got to see him! After eventually going to bed and waking up like a kid on Christmas I was ready to make the best of my 36 hours with Foster and my family before he had to leave to drive back to Iowa! We started with breakfast at the farmers market (they have vegan pancakes now!), then a trip to Bamber's to pick up lunch and visit Gene. After that we drove up to my favorite place, THE BEACH! It was very hot on Saturday, so we only lasted a few hours before heading to Sherman's to get ice cream. THEN we went back to South Bend where we were greeted by Mark and his friends!

The best day ever continued with take out from my favorite Mexican place and good company of friends and neighbors on the back patio! This day reminded me how much I loved living in South Bend! As the week continued I was lucky enough to stay at the lake and see more of my family. The week concluded with 4th of July festivities and a very early morning flight back to New York. The flight took off at 6 am and this was the perfect timing to get to see the sunrise. Although I was sad to be going back to work, I came back to the big city reminded of how lucky I am to have been given an amazing family who encourages me to go after what I want and what I need!

Rose Echard