How Kappa Delta Got me to NYC

This might seem like quite the stretch to some people, but those that have been involved in Greek life, especially at Iowa State, and particularly Kappa Delta would know how much Greek life has to offer. I was not the average PNM. I did not go through formal recruitment. I did not want to, I had no desire, and I was not planning on joining a sorority. I arrived on campus at ISU 8 hours from my home in South Bend, IN. I only knew one person...kinda. I had a random roommate, who turned out to be one of my favorite people freshman year (shoutout Jorie!!) and I was very excited for college!

Jorie and I on our first day of Classes!

Jorie and I on our first day of Classes!

So, how did I end up in KD? This is something that even those who are in my pledge class in Kappa Delta do not know. Jorie and I quickly made friends with the 2 girls that lived next door to us, Sarah and Jessica. They were both Apparel Merchandising and Design majors like us and they had both gone through recruitment. Talking to them about what Greek life was like made me realize that I wanted that. I wanted someone to hold me accountable and I wanted to belong to something.

I went through the informal process, which consisted of a "coffee date" or interview with some girls from the chapter and then I was on my way to becoming a KD! My freshman year was...interesting. It was not bad, but it was not good. There were quite a few life lessons living on my own before I truly found myself. There were good times, and bad times, but I learned A LOT! When I came back my sophomore year I was ready to rock it. Here is where KD comes in! I had thought about running for  a council position within KD, but now I was determined! I acquired quite the repertoire of leadership on campus and I came full force at KD.


Kappa Delta believes in confidence and I feel that is something that anyone can gain from any sorority! By putting myself into a group of woman that inspire me to be better and who pushed me everyday to strive for excellence. I was elected VP-Operations and I felt like I could finally give back to my chapter what they had given me! What I did not expect was how much I would gain!


When it came time to start applying for internships I realized that being roommates with the queens of interviews and internships would be great! My roommates, Holly and Sarah, have both landed crazy internships and are professional as heck! Kappa Delta gave me so many people that pushed me and inspired me to be better. Without KD I would have never met my sorority “little sister”, Anna, who inspires me to be confident in myself and my body! I am so blessed to have met her along my way!


Kappa Delta gave me the confidence to reach for the dreams that I did not think were possible. As I was applying for internships I reached out to a few companies that I thought were out of my reach. So when I heard back from Marc Jacobs in New York I was unbelievably excited to have the opportunity to interview with them. Not only had the women in KD and those in other sororities given me the confidence in myself to apply, but they were there to celebrate when I was offered the internship!


Iowa State, Greek Life, and Kappa Delta have given me so much throughout these 2 years. I am only halfway through my college career and I cannot imagine how it could get any better! I am so lucky to be a part of a Greek system full of many amazingly smart, confident, and beautiful women! Thank you Iowa State, thank you College Panhellenic Council, and Thank you Kappa Delta.

I am proud to be a Kappa Delta Sigma Sigma!

Rose Echard