Run, Run, Rosie

Happy Monday!

I feel like I am finally getting this whole New York thing down! I have been loving waking up in the morning and running along the Hudson. I am training for the Des Moines Marathon, which will be my first full marathon...yikes! More information to come! I have also been exploring the area where I live and work. 

This weekend while working and trying to avoid the heat I ventured up to central park and saw Othello. I had low expectations and truthfully was slightly questioning my decision when I heard that it was 2 hours and 50 minutes. I met a friend from school for dinner and we ate at a vegetarian sushi restaurant. Beyond sushi makes their dishes with all kinds of fruits and vegetables and wowza are they pretty! 

Back to Shakespeare though, as the play began I started to realize that this was no joke. Although tickets were free, the show was at the Delecorte theatre and the costumes were AMAZING! At the end of the show I was so thrilled with the whole experience! Moving to New York has not been the easiest thing, but when I have experiences like this it reminds me that getting out of my comfort zones comes with discomfort. Without hard work there is no rewards.

Finally, going into training for this marathon I am so unbelievably excited, but it will be outside of my comfort zone. Get ready to hear about running in New York!

Rose Echard