Keep moving forward...

I have officially survived one week. Wow! My first week at Marc Jacobs was amazing. Working in such a creative environment surrounded by so many talented people has been so inspiring. In New York I feel like I am surrounded by so many driven and talented people that inspire me to create and learn more! 

Living in my apartment has also been fun. I have come to realize the positives and negatives of living in such a small space. Two pairs of shoes on the floor become catastrophic to the room because they consume almost the entirety of the floor, however, cleaning takes no more than 5 minutes! The food is good and the staff is very friendly. I even explored the rooftop garden and I felt like I was living a dream! 

I have discovered vegan donuts and running along the Hudson. Life is all about balance, right? (aha). I am continually amazed at the amount of people that are always out running especially after work. The Hudson is no College Creek or Saint Joseph River, but I think that it will just have to do for the summer.  

Rose Echard